The Ultimate Guide for Home EV Charging

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For those lucky enough to have a driveway, garage or other form of off-street parking, getting a home charger installed should be one of the first things you investigate as you begin looking at making the switch to electric motoring.

The UK government used to issue grants of up to £350 to help towards the cost of getting a home EV charger installed, but this grant ended in March 2022, and now only landlords or people who live in flats can apply for a grant. It’s essential to note that grant availability and specific details may change over time. To get up-to-date information on grants available in the UK in 2023, we recommend visiting official government websites, such as the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) or the Department for Transport (DFT).

Cost of installing an electric car charger at home:

Think the £500-£1,000 ballpark for the installation of a standard 7kW home fast charger, and the same again for the charger itself. Do be warned though, that given how different individual houses can be, you really are best off getting a quote.

Several factors can affect the cost of installing an electric vehicle (EV) car charger. Here are some key factors that can influence the overall installation cost:

  • Charger Type: The type of charger you choose can impact the installation cost.
  • Electrical Infrastructure: The state of your existing electrical infrastructure plays a significant role in installation costs. If electrical upgrades are necessary to accommodate the charger, such as installing a new circuit breaker or upgrading the distribution board, these additional expenses can increase the overall cost.
  • Distance from Distribution board: The distance between the distribution board and the charger location can impact the installation cost.
  • Site Preparation: The condition of the installation site can affect the cost. If the charger location requires excavation, trenching, or other site preparation work, the installation cost may be higher.
  • Additional Upgrades: Depending on the age and condition of your home’s electrical system, additional upgrades may be required to meet the safety and capacity requirements for the charger installation.

How is an electric car charger installed:

Electric car charging points need to be professionally installed. A certified charging provider will include installation cost in the price of the unit.

At Black Pear Ev Charging the installation process starts with an online survey to assess your particular setup, for those who are unable to do so, we can arrange a site survey. The installation will involve wall mounting the charger point onto an exterior wall or garage, near to where you park and connecting it safely to the mains electricity supply. An installation should take around three hours to complete, depending on the individual requirements of the installation.

How often should you charge an electric car at home:

You can charge your electric car at home as often as you need to. It can be treated the same as charging a mobile phone, fully charging overnight and topping up in the day if necessary.

A few things you need in place before you can have a home charger installed:

  • Off-street parking – charge point firms will not install points if you do not have this.
  • Wi-fi access for the charge point, plus a smartphone to control the charger.
  • Suitable home electricity supply, which can be upgraded prior to installation, though it will cost extra.
  • Parking spot should be within a certain distance of the electricity meter, although you can pay extra for longer, more complex installations.
  • Permission from the landlord if you rent the property.

Whilst pricing can vary depending on installer, here at Black Pear EV, the initial quote will remain the same without any unexpected extras. We hope that with all the information provided, you can make an informed decision about your EV charger installation, which will suit both your requirements and budget.

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