How can Black Pear EV help me go electric?

If you are considering an electric vehicle, you need a home charging point. It is possible to have an electric vehicle without a home charging point, but it is the easiest way to charge your car.

Simply drive home, plug your car in overnight, and by the morning, your fully charged electric car is ready for whatever the day throws at you. With our background as long-established electricians, we have the knowledge to ensure that your home charge points are correctly and safely installed. We can advise you on the EV Chargepoint grant (previously the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) and whether you will qualify for this government grant, as the criteria have recently changed.

We are OZEV (Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles) authorised EV charger installers, which means that when you use us, you can claim the grant funding towards your installation costs. We work in and around Worcestershire and the West Midlands, bringing a first-class service to every project that we undertake.

Approved EV charger installers

How can Black Pear EV electrify my business?

At Black Pear EV, we don’t just install EV charge points at home, but offer extensive workplace charger installations as well.

We understand the workplace charging scheme and can offer advice to you about how the grant works, and whether you are eligible to receive the grant. We will always work with you to create the ideal charging stations for your company. Carrying out site surveys and assessing your traffic flow will ensure that our installation plan will be designed to help your site run like clockwork. We are OZEV Authorised contractors, which you must use in order to receive the grant funding.

I want to offer electric vehicle charging to my customers. Can Black Pear EV help?

If you are a business looking to install charge points for your customers, we can offer advice on how best to achieve this on your site.

Offering charge points to customers, is a forward-thinking business move, as it encourages customers to come to your business, and can increase the time they spend in your business. While only some businesses meet the criteria to qualify for the WCS grant for customer use, many companies have found that they quickly reaped the benefits in increased footfall, and increased customer spending on site.

Whatever your business is, and however you are thinking of using electric vehicle charging points we can work with you to provide the ideal layout for your charging points.

Are you still on the fence about going electric?

The world is changing, and the rise of the electric vehicle is now. If you are still hesitant about making the move to electric, start investigating.

Go and test drive an electric car, or try a plug in hybrid vehicle, to give you the peace of mind of the secondary fuel if needed. Speak to people who have electric vehicles, speak to us. Doing thorough research will help to ensure that you are happy with your decision to go electric. As independent EV charge point installers, we understand that this is a big step, but it is becoming more common, the time for change is now. Bear in mind, that most newly built houses, now have home chargers fitted as standard, together we are building a better and more sustainable future. Join the EV movement and go electric.

Contact the team at Black Pear EV today

Speak to us today about your home charge point, or workplace installations. If you are purchasing an EV you need to get your charge point sorted.

We will work with you to ensure that you are ready to plug in from the outset of your EV adventure. If you are interested in going green at your company, we can work with you to help you achieve that. Our experienced team are only a phone call away. Supercharge your world with Black Pear EV.

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did you know

Your new world awaits - go electric!

Did you know? Norway is the world leader in electric vehicles with a whopping 54% of new cars being electric.

Norway is one of the Nordic countries, and the Nordic region is the world leader in happiness. We think it must be all those electric cars making them so happy! (and their excellent quality of life and all that!)