EV charging station maintenance services

As with everything that we use, EV charging points will work better with regular servicing.

While your new electric vehicle will require less maintenance than your old petrol or diesel car, it is important that you have both your car and your EV charging point regularly maintained, to ensure that you continue with your sustainable future. We offer maintenance services to both your workplace charging points and your home charge point. Our annual safety test and servicing of your EV chargers will ensure that they are working fully and effectively.

With our customer service, you can also be confident that we will always offer excellent after-sales service. If you did need an EV charger component replacement we would act swiftly and professionally to get you charged up again.

EV charger maintenance
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How often should I have my EV charger serviced?

We recommend that each EV charge point is given an annual safety test and service.

If you are running an electric fleet, and your chargers are used continually, it may be wise to have an interim check of your chargers. If one of your chargers seems to be charging more slowly, or not giving a car a full enough range, then we can come and investigate that for you.

Why do I need regular servicing of my electric vehicle charging stations?

The implications of one of your EV charge points not functioning, can be far-reaching.

When we design and install your business charge points, we will carefully consider the best number of chargers for your installation. If some of these are out of action or offering a reduced service the repercussions can be detrimental to your business. If you installed a charge point for your employees, they may rely on that to charge their car, so it must be working effectively and safely.

If you are running an EV fleet from your business, you need to know that all your EV charge points are giving your vehicles the range they require to operate in the shortest possible time, so that all the wheels can keep on turning. Knowing that we are on hand to give assistance, from maintenance to repair services, means that you can concentrate on running your company, and let us concentrate on keeping your fleet fully powered.

Why use Black Pear EV for your maintenance service?

We offer our annual maintenance packages and safety checks to everyone. As independent installers, we can provide maintenance and support whether we installed your EV charge point or another firm did so.

We are always happy to provide both existing and new clients with a reliable and conscientious maintenance service. Our expert engineers are experienced and professional and will always offer constructive advice and support to all of our customers. When you choose your EV installation provider it is important that you check that they are authorised and qualified to fit your EV charger.

We are authorised installers under the government’s Workplace Charging Scheme, from OZEV. If you want a reliable, professional, and experienced team to keep your fleet running smoothly, the team at Black Pear EV are here for you. We operate throughout Worcestershire and beyond, so if you need a quick EV charger repair, we will be able to respond swiftly.

What's next?

If you are looking into the Workplace Charging Scheme, we are available for a discussion about your company’s requirements.

If we are carrying out your WCS installation we will discuss our maintenance service with you. If you are just looking for an annual check, or regular maintenance for your EV charging point at home, or your workplace, we can help. Our team are always on hand to keep you fully charged!

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Keep your workforce powered up!

The UK has more electric car charging stations than petrol ones, and this number is growing daily. There are 8,400 petrol stations, compared to an incredible 25,000 charging points in over 15,500 locations across the UK. The rise of the electric vehicle is well and truly underway.