What is a home charging point?

You plug your mobile phone in to charge it without a second thought, you can do the same with your car.

An electric car charger is simply installed on your house and allows you to charge your electric car by plugging it in. Your home charging point will be expertly fitted, and allow you to charge your car overnight using a suitable charge so that it is ready for the morning.

In order to install an electric vehicle charging point at home, you need a driveway or somewhere that you can park your car on your own ground. If you only have on-street parking you cannot install a home charge point on your house and run the cable across the pavement, however, there are other options, including lamppost chargers, or pop-up street chargers. If you don’t have off street parking, don’t despair of your electric dreams, speak to us.

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Our preferred chargers for Home installations

App Controlled
Integrated PEN Fault Detection
Load ManagementDynamicDynamicNoneStatic
Choice of Colours
Solar Compatible
CommsWiFiWiFi / 4G (Integrated Sim)WiFi / 4GWiFi / 4G
Socketed or TetheredBothSocketedTetheredSocketed
 Full DetailsFull DetailsFull DetailsFull Details

Dynamic load management – monitors the load of your property and regulates the charger accordingly

Static Load management – can set maximum load to charger

All Specs are based on single-phase 7kW chargers suitable for standard domestic use

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Why should I have an electric vehicle charging point installed?

The cost of petrol and diesel is rising rapidly. The impact on the planet and environment is visible. If you are considering going electric, the time is now.

You will save money on the running costs of your electric vehicle, there are some great websites showing your cost-saving, where you can input your current registration number, and it will show you how much you can save – click here to find out more. The main barrier to people making the move to electric has always been the range. Fortunately, there are now many makes and models of electric vehicles available. Statistics show that the range of an EV varies from 45 to 323 miles. Even if we discount the long-range Tesla, the average range is still 174 miles, though there is some seasonal variation. Given that the average car use per day in the UK is 20 miles, range anxiety should be a thing of the past.

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Why choose Black Pear EV?

We are a leading independent installer of electric vehicle charging points across Worcestershire and beyond.

If you are looking for EV charger installation we can help. We have many years of experience as electricians, and as such can bring our knowledge to your installation project. If you have questions about the effect of your electric car charger on your household electrics, we can help. If you are interested in smart chargers, intelligent houses, and a sustainable future we can help.

Our knowledge isn’t just limited to the installation of your electric car charger but covers so much more. We can offer advice on how you can access government grants, such as the EV Chargepoint grant, and advise on how to discuss workplace charging schemes with your boss. When we install your EV chargers we will discuss the best electric vehicle charging equipment for your needs. Don’t leave your EV charging to chance, choose Black Pear EV.

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How do I start the installation process?

If you are considering buying an EV today, you need to think about your charger installation.

We are quick and efficient, and will always do our utmost to work around your schedule. However, you will want your charger to be installed before you take ownership of your EV, so don’t leave your car charger installation to the last minute. Our experienced team at Black Pear EV are here to help you, so pick up the phone and let us get you powered up.

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did you know

Join the electric car movement

More than one in ten of all new car sales are electric and the government plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and as the charging technology and coverage are improving rapidly this growth is exploding. Join the movement and go electric.