What is workplace charging?

Workplace charging refers to any EV charging station in a commercial environment.

Whether you want to transform your fleet to all-electric, offer workplace charging to your employees as a perk, or help your customers go green with on-site charging stations, workplace charging is here to stay.

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What is Commercial EV Charger Leasing?

Commercial EV charger leasing offers businesses an affordable solution for EV charging without the high upfront costs.

Purchasing EV chargers outright can be expensive. It usually requires a large upfront capital investment and with technology changing all the time, businesses can be reluctant to invest in case technology becomes obsolete. Leasing is a much more affordable option with no large upfront costs so there’s no need to worry about finding significant capital to get your charge point installed.

Fixed Monthly Payments

As business overheads rise, we understand how important budgeting is. With leasing, you have a pay monthly option consisting of fixed monthly payments which will continue for the duration of your lease. This helps you to manage your business’s monthly budget and you also won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs.

Fully Managed Service

When you choose to lease with Black Pear EV Charging, you will benefit from a fully managed and maintained service. This includes regular maintenance in the form of an annual inspection, regular cleaning, testing and any necessary repairs to ensure the equipment continues to run smoothly. Emergency repairs will also be provided and there is 24-hour technical support available to give you peace of mind. The charging equipment is managed through remote monitoring which will alert us if any issues arise so that we can set things right. You’ll also have access to information about your charging equipment through an app which allows you to get real-time information regarding energy usage, tariff and billing information as well as allowing you to control access to your equipment.


Access The Latest Technology To Future Proof Your Business

When you purchase your chargers outright, you will own them, and with technology constantly moving on, there is the possibility that your equipment could become obsolete. Leasing allows you to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in electric car charging as you have the option to upgrade when you renew your lease.

More Tax Efficient

Payments towards your lease could be 100% tax allowable against your taxable profits, we recommend you speak to your accountant for advice.

What Businesses Can Benefit From EV Charging?

Installing a charge point is a great option for businesses that have staff or customers that are EV drivers. All that we ask is that they have dedicated parking.


EV chargers are perfect for the following businesses::


  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure Centres
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Community Centres/ Village Halls
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • GP Surgeries / Dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Charitable organisations
  • Co-working spaces / Business hubs

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Our charger installation solutions

Interested in installing charge points for your business premises but concerned by the set-up costs? There is a more affordable option available in the form of commercial EV charger leasing which offers you pay monthly options. If your business wants to offer EV charging to customers or employees but doesn’t have the capital to invest or the expertise to manage the equipment, leasing through our MANAGED option may be the perfect solution.

We also offer two more solutions, should your business prefer to own the charge stations.

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Our preferred chargers for Workplace installations

Management and Reporting Panel
Integrated PEN Fault Detection
Load ManagementDynamicDynamicNoneStaticDynamic
Choice of ColoursBranding Options
Solar Compatible
CommsWiFi / 4G (Integrated Sim)WiFi / 4G / LANWiFi / 4GWiFi / 4GWiFi
Socketed or TetheredSocketedSocketedTetheredSocketedBoth
 Full DetailsFull DetailsFull DetailsFull DetailsFull Details

Dynamic load management – monitors the load of your property and regulates the charger accordingly

Static Load management – can set maximum load to charger

All Specs are based on three-phase 22kW chargers

All chargers are available as wall-mounted or pedestals

Require something different or would like to talk to us about Rapid DC charging?

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What is the workplace charging scheme?

The workplace charging scheme WCS has been developed by the government to encourage businesses to go electric.

It is open to businesses, charities, and public sector organisations that meet the criteria. Under the workplace charging scheme, you could be eligible for government grants that cover up to 75% of the cost of your workplace charging station. We can help you to access this grant funding, and advise on the installation of your workplace charging points. The WCS has been expanded to cover a greater range of businesses, including small accommodation businesses such as B&Bs.

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How does workplace charging benefit my business?

Installing electric car charging points at your business is beneficial for several reasons.

Firstly, anything that you do to benefit your employees, increases staff retention and helps with the recruitment of new employees. In our current labour market, it is important to value your employees, and offering them extra benefits to work for you, can be a cost-effective move. Remember it costs far more to recruit than it does to retain your employees.

Providing electric car charging points reflects well on you as a company. Do not underestimate the value of good PR. Sustainability goals and green credentials are taken into account not only by employees but also by end consumers. Consumers are more likely to use a company that they perceive to be ethical and environmentally friendly.

Installing electric car charging points at your business can create a whole host of positive effects that can increase customers, and ultimately sales. Given that grants are currently available for workplace EV charging points, now is the ideal time to install your EV charging points. If you run fleet vehicles the cost implications of going electric are massive.

If you own your own business and are interested in an electric car, you can install a charging station at your business, as well as at your home. Then you can be confident that wherever you are, you will be fully charged

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Why use Black Pear EV to install my electric car charging points?

Electric cars are on the rise, and it is important that as an employer you stay abreast of what your employees want.

Installing workplace charging stations is an important move, but you need to do it with a competent company that understands electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure. When you come to Black Pear EV we will spend time assessing your site and carrying out a site survey. This allows us to understand the movement of electric vehicles around your site. This site survey provides us with the information to design the best EV charging solutions for your business.

An office-based team will tend to be a fixed number of employees, staying in the office for a standard working day, the EV charging solutions for them will most likely be several fast-charging stations. A fleet comprised of electric cars will have different requirements, the number of miles travelled by your fleet and the downtime between trips will be instrumental in understanding the best EV charging stations for your needs.

With Black Pear EV, an independent installer of charging systems, we have the insight and the knowledge to be able to provide the best electric vehicle charging solution for your business.

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Next steps for my business

Let the team at Black Pear EV bring your business into the future, with EV charge points.

Contact us today to begin your discussion. We are informed, qualified, and authorised EV installers under the WCS by OZEV. We are the ideal partner to supercharge your business and embrace your sustainable future with electric vehicles.

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Supercharge your business

It takes around 300 smartphones to produce the material for an electric vehicle battery. This process is known as urban mining and involves re-purposing old phones and computer batteries. The throwaway era is over, embrace the circular economy.