The Project

As a division of the Georg Fischer Corporation, GF Piping Systems focuses on industry-leading leak-free piping solutions for numerous demanding end-market segments, and our portfolio includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation, fabrication, and jointing technologies.

Black Pear Electrical (BPE) were introduced to GF Piping Systems UK based in Coventry, by Morson FM, a facilities management company with whom BPE have previously worked for on multiple large-scale refurbishments and installation projects.  So, when GF Piping Systems UK spoke to Morson FM about who they would recommend for EV charger Installation, Black Pear Electrical were in a great position to provide advice on not only the charge points that would suit but also on the OZEV grants that would be available to them.

GF Piping Systems UK initial requirement was for eight 22KW chargers, with the infrastructure to be put in place for a further 16 chargers, thus future-proofing their parking facilities, for the expected growth in electric vehicle usage both within the fleet and their staff.   Key requirements for GF Piping Systems UK were that the chargers needed to offer rapid charging, be easy to use and that they offered security against unauthorized use. They also wanted a management system that would have and the ability to report on consumption and costs.  A key aspect to the installation was to enable revenue generation to enable cost coverage for non fleet users.

Black Pear’s EV Charging project manager was able to advise that as on the initial installation GF Piping Systems UK wanted to provide infrastructure and EV Charging for more than 5 car parking spaces, they would be able to apply for the EV Infrastructure Grant. As OZEV authorised installers, Black Pear could access the £14,800 worth of funding through the EV infrastructure and claim the grant retrospectively on behalf on GF Piping Systems UK.

Grant Calculation:

EV Infrastructure Grant
Grant available Infrastructure per parking spaces£500
Grant available for installed charge points£350
Parking space allocated for infrastructure (min 5)£24
Charge points installed at time of claim (min 1)8
£ claimed for infrastructure£12,000
Total Claim Total Claim (deducted from gross cost of overall budget) & no more than 75% of total installers cost£14,800
Workplace Charge Scheme
Grant available per ChargePoint£350
Charge Points installed (max. 40)16
Total Claim Total Claim (deducted from gross cost of overall budget) & no more than 75% of total installers cost£5,600

Our Approach

As with all our projects, GF Piping Systems UK were assigned a Project Manager who would look after their project from start to finish. Our Project Manager compiled a project plans, broken down in to 3 key phases:

1)    Pre works – including pre start meeting, agreement of timescales and programme of works, preparation and sign off for site specific risk assessment and method statement.

2)   Site works – the installation of the infrastructure and the chargers and the set-up of the management system, including an audit report from the PM. Testing and commissioning of the chargers. Ending with a site demonstration to GF Piping Systems UK ensuring they could work the chargers,

3)  Post  works – the certification process and the handback of the project file.

Pre-works included a load monitoring survey, to confirm available capacity for EV Charger requirements. Modifications were made to the electrical distribution to provide a supply to a new and dedicated 3 phases distribution board with in-built PEN fault and surge protection was installed as close to the allocated parking bays. Metering equipment was installed to provide dynamic load management, regulating the chargers.

Substantial ground and civil works were required to provide ducting to 2 rows of parking bay.

Row one was fitted with 4 posts held by concrete bases each housing for 2 chargers. In total – 8 Easee chargers were installed on the first phase.

Row 2 the ground works and ducting and concrete bases were put in place for 4 posts, each to hold 4 chargers, giving a total capacity for 16 charges to be installed at a later date.

Being independent installers BPE were able to recommend the most suitable charger to suit GF Piping Systems UK requirements and for this reason, Easee chargers were selected as the most suitable solution.

With 8 chargers in place, and the infrastructure in place for the installation of 16 more chargers, the Easee system will dynamically divide all available energy between the units. The total load will therefore never exceed the limit set during the installation.  All connected cars can be charged simultaneously and the available charge current is automatically shared between them, provided that there is enough power available. If there is not enough power available, the cars will be put in a queue. The chargers are fitted with a virtual SIM as a backup to the WiFi connection, which whilst it was confirmed during survey that good comms were in place at site it is always a sensible plan to have a backup.

BPE offer 3 levels of EV Charger Installation ranging from the leasing of the chargers with a complete maintenance and management service. To an installation only service. In this case GF Piping Systems UK wanted to own their own chargers but have contracted BPE to manage and maintain the EV Charging on site with includes:

  • Monta software licence
  • Remote monitoring
  • Providing proactive alert management
  • User management
  • Adding and removing users to the system as required
  • Tariff management
  • Ensure cost and sell rates are updated for energy cost recovery
  • Reporting Provide a full suite of consumption and user reports
  • Phone support for users
  • Remote support should users need assistance with using the chargers
  •  Annual service visit- safety, electrical and functional checks

Multiple tariffs were set up for;

  • Fleet Users
  • Account Holders
  • Non – Account holder

Fleet users and account holders were on boarded to the Monta app and able to scan the QR code or NFC tag on the front of the charger to manage their charge sessions.

Non-account holders are able to scan the QR which will take them to a landing page with all major payments options to start their charge session. The landing page means there is no need to download any apps

The GF Piping Systems UK account team were provided access to the reporting functions and team wallet to manage and withdraw any revenue for the charges directly to the GF Piping Systems UK bank account.

GF Piping Systems UK are yet to take advantage of the fleet at home charging however, this has been factored into future projects.

This project was carried out within the agreed timescales and within budget. The service and maintenance agreement has been contracted on an ongoing basis.

“Black Pear Electrical were introduced to us through Morson FM, who we work with to manage and maintain our Coventry site. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and the Black Pear Electrical team. The project ran smoothly, and Paul kept us informed throughout. They were helpful and patient with me as they explained step by step how everything would work. Trustworthy and honest, I would not hesitate to recommend Black Pear Electrical to anyone who wishing to install EV Chargers at their site.”

Maria Rebelo , Health, Quality & Sustainability Manager
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