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garo ev charger
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Why choose Garo for your charging solutions?

At Black Pear EV, we are proud to be independent installers of EV chargers. Many installers are tied to one brand, which limits the options for their customers. We aren’t.

We can choose from a comprehensive range of different brands to find the very best solution for our customers. Garo is one of the brands that we commonly recommend for both home charging points and company charging stations. Garo is another Nordic design that has been designed for the British market and combines stylish design with impressive functionality. The home charging units come with many benefits including dynamic load balancing and DC fault monitoring. These features prevent overloading the main fuse board in your property and protect the electrical circuits in your house. The commercial EV charging stations are used across all sizes and scales of business, proving a popular choice for many.

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Is a Garo charger a good choice for my home?

Garo chargers are well designed and utilise the latest technology such as dynamic load balancing. This means that the power drawn down on your house is monitored, and the power sent to your electric car is reduced if the power usage in the house rises.

Intelligent charging units give you the peace of mind of knowing that your electrics aren’t being compromised by your electric vehicle chargers. If you are looking for a home installation service, we will be able to advise you on the best types of domestic chargers for your needs.

I'm looking for green business solutions

If you want to change your business, we are here to work with you. Garo offers modern charging stations which provide green solutions for a range of different businesses.

The EV charging stations are scalable and stylish so that your green investment will reflect well upon your brand. The Garo charging stations can be branded with your company logo, which can increase your brand visibility and highlight your green credentials. The Garo EV range is used in businesses across the UK, and when you work with the team at Black Pear EV, we will spend time evaluating the best charging solutions for your business needs.

Partner with Black Pear EV

We are a leading independent EV charging system installer. As electricians by trade, we combine many years of knowledge with our insights into the latest green technology. This combination gives an edge to our service, which we bring to every project.

We offer a range of different EV charging brands to our customers. We are constantly researching the EV industry to ensure that can offer new products to our customers. We bring our expertise to each project that we carry out. Whether we are carrying out a home installation or multiple installations across business sites, we always bring our professionalism and dedication to the job. We believe in working with people to create a sustainable future. Every installation that we carry out increases the network of electric car chargers across the UK. Each installation brings us closer to a more integrated network and the possibility of an all-electric future.

Don't delay, go green today

The best time to make a change is now. The rise of the electric car is increasing exponentially.

More and more people are looking for better solutions for their transport and taking responsibility for the effect they have on the world. Businesses are being increasingly judged by their green credentials, employees are choosing where to work based on more than just a salary. If you are looking for a home installation or a workplace installation, our friendly and helpful team are only a phone call away. Whether you need to get charged up right away or want to have an initial discussion about your fleet, we can help. Simply call Black Pear EV today and power up your world.

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did you know

Love driving again with an electric car

An electric car is actually quicker than traditional petrol or diesel car. So, you don’t have to compromise on performance when you make greener choices. An electric car instantly uses 100% of the available torque to go from stationary to speedy!