EV charging grants coming to an end

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The government have been administering grants, through The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles  to assist with the cost of installing EV charging points, and incentivising business to get ready for the inevitable ‘switch’ to electric. Funding is due to end on  31 March 2024,  so there isn’t much time to benefit from these grants. You’ll need to act quickly to make sure you qualify and complete the installation before the closing date.

Firstly, choosing an OZEV approved installer like ourselves, is imperative if you wish to make use of either of the grants.  Funding is available for the charge points, as well as for the wider infrastructure costs. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a team working across government to support the transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and to support charge point infrastructure across the UK. This will contribute to economic growth and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads.

Summary of the EV Infrastructure Grant:

An EV infrastructure grant gives you money off the cost of wider building and installation work that’s needed to install multiple charge point sockets. The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future. For example, an EV infrastructure grant can cover things like wiring and posts. You can get up to £15,000 or 75% off the cost of the work. The amount depends on how many parking spaces the work covers. You can receive up to 5 grants across 5 different sites, so that is upto £75,000 worth of funding.

The grant is for UK registered companies  employing less than 249 people, to check your eligibility please visit the government website

This grant may be used in combination with the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Summary of the Workplace Charging Scheme:

The WCS is open to businesses, charities and public sector organisations that meet the applicant and site eligibility criteria.

The grant covers up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points (inclusive of VAT), capped at a maximum of:

  • £350 per socket
  • 40 sockets across all sites per applicant – for instance, if you would like to install them in 40 sites, you will have 1 socket available per site

After applying using the online application form, successful applicants are issued with a unique identification voucher code by email, which can then be given to any Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) authorised WCS installer.

Once the charge point(s) have been installed, the authorised installer can claim the grant from OZEV on the applicant’s behalf. The charge point installation must be completed and the voucher claimed within 6 months of the voucher’s issue date. Claims against expired vouchers will not be paid.

Installers must not charge applicants for the grant in advance of payment being made by OZEV. After OZEV reimburses your installer for the value of your voucher, this cost will be discounted from your final invoice.

If you apply for less than 40 sockets, you can submit additional applications in the future until you reach that limit. Special rules apply for linked enterprises.

If you’d like to benefit from either of these generous grants then you can trust in Black Pear EV. We are experienced, knowledgeable and OZEV authorised. We will be able to advise you on which grants you are eligible for and how to apply.

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